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Website History

Development of this website originally began in 2011 for the St. Charles Museum and Historical Association by students of the St. Charles Parish Satellite Center working under the direction of teacher Brian Gough.

The basis for the website was formed using the text from the recently published pictorial history entitled St. Charles Parish, Louisiana a Pictorial History.

When the semester ended, webmaster Glory Gendron Mendelson continued development of the site with the students for a short period of time and then worked for several years with members of the Historical Association.

Webmaster Renee A. Simpson finalized the development.

Association History

The St. Charles Museum and Historical Association was established in 2007 from the merger of River Road Shell Norco Museum and the St. Charles Historical Foundation. Five members from each board comprised the new association.

At the time of the merger, Shell Norco was closing its museum on company prosperity due to security reasons. The Historical Foundation founded in 1996 was preparing to publish a pictorial history book to present over 300 years of the history of St. Charles Parish in pictures, timelines and maps, as well as a narrative.

Many other historical projects had previously been presented to parish citizens.

Foundation / Association Projects

Along the way, foundation members determined that elements of our mission and vision to establish a museum could be achieved by creating a “Museum Without Walls.” This was done by using our libraries, churches, courthouse, plantation houses, restaurants, airport, and other sites to put exhibits in place. General membership meetings were held at historic sites. Those in attendance were provided historic perspectives by guest lecturers or board members.

The following list includes most of the many projects and exhibits that the St. Charles Historical Foundation either initiated, sponsored, completed, assisted with, or assumed supportive roles in preservation efforts:

Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Celebration in 2003:

  • Evening With the Notables — Destrehan Plantation
  • Framed Louisiana Purchase Documents — Presented to Schools

Heritage Trace Projects of the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial:

  • Heirloom Sewing Exhibit — Ormond Plantation
  • 1811 Slave Revolt Exhibit — Ormond Plantation
  • Annual Historical Scavenger Hunt — A Look Beyond the Obvious
  • Louisiana Italians — Folkways and Food — St. Rose Tavern
  • Historical Walkway — West Bank Bridge Park
  • Atlatl Demonstration — West Bank Bridge Park
  • Rural Life Exhibit — Esperanza Restaurant
  • Mardi Gras Exhibit — Esperanza Restaurant
  • Governor Georg Michael Hahn Exhibit — Courthouse Lobby
  • Music Legends of St. Charles Parish Exhibit — Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int’l Airport
  • Historic Cypress Luggers Denver and Champion — Brochure — Ormond Plantation

Miscellaneous Projects:

  • Oral Histories — Bethune and Old Norco Elementary
  • Lecture Series — Women of the 19th Century — Destrehan Plantation
  • Establishment of Historic Districts and Areas — Legislation and Implementation
  • Annual Scavenger Hunt
  • Preservation of Home Place — Hahnville
  • Preservation of Dugas House — Ama
  • Preservation of Davis Nicholas House — Hahnville
  • Preservation of Taft Triche Kitchen — Taft (now at Home Place)
  • Preservation of Oscar Gervais House Artifacts and Station — Boutte
  • Preservation of Richard Taylor Residence at Fashion Plantation — Hahnville (now on Highway 90)
  • Preservation of Elfer House — St. Rose
  • Preservation of Old Des Allemands School
  • Preservation of Killona School Artifact (Lintel) and Vintage Bricks
  • Preservation of Good Hope and Paradis Depot
  • Preservation of Denver and Champion Luggers
  • Preservation of Bethlehem Baptist Church History and Artifacts — Hahnville
  • Rotating Exhibits (Two Exhibit Cases) — Courthouse Lobby
  • Annual Atlatl Demonstration and Contest
  • Early American Indian Exhibit — Rotating Exhibit — Courthouse
  • Parish Archival Preservation
  • St. Charles Borromeo Conservation Plan
  • Historic Designation — Placement of Plaques and Markers
  • Early German Village Exploratory Thermograph Flyover
  • Initiation of St. Charles Parish Bicentennial Committee and Member Representation
  • Pictorial History Book Project for Parish Bicentennial
  • Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu’s Visit to Discuss Cultural Economy Initiative
  • Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism Partnership
  • Fiscal Agent—Beautification Task Force — Old DHS Buy-A-Brick Program
  • Historic DHS Mural
  • Fiscal Agent — German Coast Farmers’ Market
  • German Coast Farmers’ Market
  • Initiating Parish Proclamation: Gallet as Official Fry Bread of St. Charles
  • Time Capsule — Courthouse
  • Historic Lighting — Mile of History — Destrehan
  • Sale of Pursuit of Excellence Books — History of Education in St. Charles
  • Note Cards Depicting Historic Sites/Structures
  • Cypress Lumber Stored at Old Des Allemands School
  • Enhancement — Historic DHS Film
  • “Mile of History” Official Parish Designation
  • Liaison with German Cultural Center in Gretna

Board Members

Tony Gullage
Tony Gullage
Marilyn Richoux
Marilyn Richoux
Harriet Williamson
Harriet Williamson
Rita Carlson
Rita Carlson
Collette Lottinger
Collette Lottinger
Coy Landry
Coy Landry
Elizabeth Claudet
Elizabeth Claudet
Suzanne Friloux
Suzanne Friloux
Joan Becnel
Joan Becnel
Don Ellis
Don Ellis