Business Parks

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New to the commerce scene in the fourth quarter of the twentieth century has been the development of business parks where a wide variety of businesses share common facilities and land space. The east bank is home to three: James Business Park, Plantation Business Center, and Riverbend Business Park. There are also three on the west bank: Dufresne Business Park, St. Charles Industrial Park, and Taft Industrial Park. They bring a new type of business opportunity and environment to the citizens as well as enhance the economy. The economy remains strong in 2010.

James Business Park
James Business Park.
Plantation Business Park
Plantation Business Park.
Dufresne Business Park
Dufresne Business Park.

This text is copyright © material by Marilyn Richoux, Joan Becnel and Suzanne Friloux, from St. Charles Parish, Louisiana: A Pictorial History, 2010.

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