Early Banking

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This advertisement appeared in the July 28, 1923 of the St. Charles Herald.

The Bank of Hahnville emerged in 1923. It would remain a presence in St. Charles Parish into the 21st Century. It would hold several different names during the passing years and exist in several locations.

1923 — Bank of Hahnville

1925 — Luling-Hahnville Bank

1939 — Luling-Hahnville Norco Branch

1955 — Bank of St. Charles and Trust

1989 — First American Bank and Trust Company. (First American was chartered as the Bank of Vacherie in 1910 and assumed its current name in 1978.)

The Luling-Hahnville Bank was established to “meet the needs of industrial and agricultural St. Charles.” The original bank building stands across from the courthouse in Hahnville and is the site of a law firm.

The Luling-Hahnville Bank
The Luling-Hahnville Bank.
This advertisement appeared frequently in the St. Charles Herald during the early 1920s. On September 24, 1923 this bank (Bank of St. Charles) was closed due to the deteriorating economy.

This text is copyright © material by Marilyn Richoux, Joan Becnel and Suzanne Friloux, from St. Charles Parish, Louisiana: A Pictorial History, 2010.