The 8 Tones Line Up

R.K. Smith Family, Line up for the 8 Tones Orchestra Tags: #Musical Legends

Kid Orys Original Creole Jazz Band

Dodds, Warren, 1898-1959; Ory, Kid, 1886-1973; Carey, Mutt, 1891-1948; Garland, Ed, 1885-1980; Whaley, Wade; Bands; Jazz; Jazz musicians; Double bass; Drums;...

Papa Mutt Careys Band

Scott, Bud, 1890-1949; Hall, Minor [Ram], 1897-1959; Carey, Mutt, 1891-1948; Bands; Musicians; Instruments; Pianos; Trumpets; Drums; Guitars; Dance halls Budd...

Mutt Carey

Carey, Mutt, 1891-1948; Trumpets; Musicians; Bars; Nightclubs Engagement with Kid Ory Band. Jade nightclub, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA Tags: #Musical Legends

Mutt Careys Band

Wilson, Buster; Bands; Instruments; Musicians; Pianos; Guitars; Clarinets; Trupmets; Double bass; Trombones with Buster Wilson Creator: Russell, William Tags:...

Mutt Careys Band2

Wilson, Buster; Bands; Instruments; Musicians; Clarinets; Trumpets; Pianos; Double bass; Guitars; Trombones Tags: #Musical Legends

Famous 8 Tones

Flyer for The Famous 8 Tones band. Popular R&B group in 60s, part of Music Legends for St. Charles parish Tags: #Musical Legends

Mutt Carey2

Carey, Mutt, 1891-1948; Trumpets; Musicians Tags: #Musical Legends