Simoneaux Ponds

The old Simoneaux Ponds resort building in Bayou Gauche, shown during the 1927 flood, with Garnet Deroche Simoneaux, Ruby Deroche Coriel and Pearl Deroche...

Comardelle Village

Comardelle Village included the Jean Dufrene Jr. house at left, the Dufrene Store at center, and Willie Dufrene's home at right. Photo courtesy of Annabel...

Hogan Children

Annabel Matherne Hogan, here at age 5, and Dr. Ray Matherne, here at age 3, were children in Bayou Gauche. Photo courtesy of Annabel Hogan Tags: #bayou gauche...

Edna Matherne

Edna Matherne. Quoted in L'Observateur's Ama town history article, found on this site. Tags: #bayou gauche town history

Bayou Gauche Public School – Image

Bayou Gauche public school. Tags: #public education - 19th Century #public education - 20th century #life on the bayou #bayou gauche town history