Spillway Tags: #bonnet carre spillway


Spillway. Tags: #bonnet carre spillway

Kenner Cemetery

Partial headstone and coffin adornment unearthed from Kenner Cemetery. Courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tags: #bonnet carre spillway

Oxley Plantation – Image

Oxley Plantation. The residence of Charles and Martha Kenner Oxley, daughter of William Kenner (Roseland), was located in the presentday Bonnet Carré Spillway...

Hymelia Crevasse – Image

In 1912, the Mississippi River burst through the levee at what Lena B. Lacroix remembers as the Hymelia Crevasse. The floodwaters from the river went to the...

Cribbing – Image

Area men work trying to stop the crevasse with cribbing, which would later wash away. 1912, Hahnville Killona area. (Photo courtesy of the George Lorio family)...