Letter from Edward Stanton

Letter from Edward Stanton, secretary of war, to Michal Hahn in 1864. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Marilyn Santa Cruz

A descendant of Hahn holding the only known remaining piece of Hahn's China. Her father, John Shaughnessy, gave Hahn a loan on the money he needed to get to...

Lorraine Gendron with Marilyn Santa Cruz

Lorraine Gendron is holding her artwork of Hahn and his home in Hahnville. To her right is Hahn descendant Marilyn Santa Cruz. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Img 9493

Tags: #hahn #flaggville

St. Charles Herald, 1875

The St. Charles Herald, 1875. The newspaper started in 1873 and was owned by Governor Michael Hahn. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Land Donation to Church

Document of Hahn's donation of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church in Hahnville. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Hahn Land Donation

A donation of land from Michael Hahn to Fanny Scoff, wife of Richard Woods, of Hahnville. Tags: #hahn #flaggville