Hahn’s Cook

Photo of Antoinette Howard, Hahn's cook. On bottom of photo cardboard frame - "Linda - 6 months - Mudd." Photo courtesy of Fred Labry Family. Tags: #hahn...

Hahn’s House

Home of Governor Michael Hahn in Hahnville as it looks today. The home later became the estate of Louis Albert Keller. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Hahn at Home

Hahn with his home in Hahnville. Painting by Lorraine Gendron. Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Press Clipping – Image

A press clipping from one of Michael Hahn’s newspapers. (Courtesy of Phyllis Mayhall Barraco). Tags: #hahn #flaggville

Hahnville Daily Stage – Image

During this time the Hahnville Daily Stage continued to follow its schedule and made stops between railroad depots and towns away from railroad lines. (Photo...