Richard L. Keller

Richard L. Keller is the only remaining child of Pierre Keller. Richard’s mother’s father bought the plantation in 1883. Richard has spent a great deal of time...

Sugar Kettles at Home Place Plantation

Many sugar kettles can still be found in the rear of the home. They were salvaged from the plantation sugar mill which was torn down in 1894. Photo by Henry E...

Home Place Historical Marker – Image

Located in Hahnville on La. 18 (River Road). Built in the 1790s, this French Colonial raised cottage is of West Indies bousillage construction. Owners included...

Keller’s Homeplace

Note Card - Keller's Homeplace. Tags: #culture of sugar cane #home place #home place preview #flaggville

Draping Moss

Louisiana cypress swamps may be a fading sight. Tags: #home place #black prince bayou