Snow Day 1958 at Monsanto

Snow day February 1958. Pictured is Myrna Hymel, Gail Hymel and Elsie Matherne. Monsanto pictures courtesy of Gail Bosco. Tags: #monsanto

Offshore Fishing Trip – Monsanto

Offshore fishing trip in Biloxi in the late 1950s. Florence Orgeron, Dot Cayard, Laura White, Myrna Hymel, Gail Bosco, Lorraine Champagne, Elsie Matherne...

Joy Bowl – Monsanto

Elsie Matherne, Gail Hymel, Lorraine Champagne, Mary Ann Gassen, Marian Boudoin/Nesanovitch. Monsanto pictures courtesy of Gail Bosco. Tags: #monsanto

Monsanto Awards Presentation

Monsanto plant manager, Lonnie Patton, left, and Jim Tilley, far right, during an awards presentation. The two men in the center are unknown. Photo courtesy of...

Circulator at Monsanto

Hershel Burleigh at the circulator to make ammonia at Monsanto. Photo courtesy Hershel Burleigh. Tags: #monsanto #monsanto preview

Hershel Burleigh

Hershel Burleigh, one of Lion Oil/Monsanto’s oldest employees. Photo courtesy Hershel Burleigh. Tags: #monsanto

Sellers Family – Image

In 1862, Thomas J. Sellers (middle, back row) joined the Confederacy to serve with Ogden’s Calvary Regiment and returned to the German Coast after the war. The...

Ellington Plantation – Image

Ellington Plantation was also called Witherspoon. Francis Mayronne commissioned Charles Gallier to design the Classical Revival house, which was built in the...