Zion Harmonizers Contemporary Music Legends

Sherman Washington, a resident of Boutte, and the Zion Harmonizers Contemporary Music Legends, were internationally recognized gospel recording stars. (Source:...

Norco Refining Company Band

In the early 1920s, the Norco Refining Company Band provided entertainment for the refinery. Tags: #musical legends - slideshow

First Black School Band

The first black school band in St. Charles Parish, circa 1961. Some musicians reached a higher level of proficiency. (Photo courtesy of Carolyn S. Boyd) Tags:...

Susie’s Kitchen Band

Susie's Kitchen Band was comprised of family members of the New Orleans Refinery Company Band, circa 1920s. Tags: #musical legends - slideshow

First Brass Band

The first brass band of St. Charles Parish in the 1920s. Tags: #musical legends - slideshow