John Busalacchi

John Busalacchi moved from St. Gabriel to Luling in 1899 and began managing his father’s general merchandise store in 1917. John and Miss Jennie were married...

Papa’s Store – Image

Papa's store in Louisiana's Cajun country was the center of community activities in pre-World War I days. (Now Smith's Grocery) Tags: #small business

Cajun Store – Image

Esther DeBar (pictured right) and her two sis­ters ride in the wagon as Papa hauled supplies from the boat dock. (Now Smith's Grocery) Tags: #small business

Madere’s Garage – Image

For decades, Madere's was the only car dealership in St. Charles Parish. Closed in 2014. Courtesy the Times-Picayune. Tags: #small business

Numa Zeringue – Image

Numa Jr. and his wife Evelyn Delaune donated their home and property in historic Red Church subdivision at the corner of South Destrehan and Church Street to...

School Days

The horse was named "Storm." From left are Velma Clark, Noble and Frank Zeringue, Tobby Gaubert, Ham Zeringue, unknown and unknown. School house was on...

Numa Zeringue

Numa Zeringue Sr. (1854-1931) Courtesy of Chip Zeringue. Tags: #small business #mamzelle

Nora Zeringue

A woman's job is never done – Nora Zeringue and friend. She eventually became the postmistress of Destrehan. Courtesy of Chip Zeringue. Tags: #small business...

Mrs. Numa Zeringue and Daughter

Mrs. Numa Mayronne Zeringue (Marie) and oldest daughter "Mimi." Courtesy of Chip Zeringue. Tags: #small business #mamzelle

Model T

Netice N. Zeringue in Destrehan; Louisiana printed on one side of the truck. Courtesy of Chip Zeringue. Tags: #small business #mamzelle #mamzelle - preview