Rosedon – Image

Rosedon - Image

“Rosedon” (the Dorvin House), circa 1820s, is a beautiful Creole house, rescued, restored and named “Rosedon” by Don and Darlene (nee Mollere) Ellis and the Mollere family. The restoration began in 1979. The house is constructed of cypress with briquette entre poteaux (brick between posts). Located in Taft, the one-and one-half story residence built by Antoine Dorvin exemplifies the late transition to Anglo-American architecture on the German Coast. It retains many Creole elements while including more of an English floor plan (wide central hallway), Greek revival motifs, and a symmetrical facade. This house is also one of only three remaining Creole structures which exemplify the emerging American influence during the fast evolving 1840s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Photo courtesy of Don and Darlene Ellis)