Ellington Plantation – Image

Ellington Plantation - Image

Ellington Plantation was also called Witherspoon. Francis Mayronne commissioned Charles Gallier to design the Classical Revival house, which was built in the late 1850s in present-day Luling at the River Road Monsanto Park site. Florenz Albrect Luling, for whom the town of Luling was named, (formerly known as St. Denis, named by a Civil War railroad owner; when the Acadians arrived in the area it became popularly known as “Cajun Town”), purchased the plantation on August 6, 1868. Luling sold Ellington Plantation on May 1, 1882, and a succession of owners followed. It was purchased in 1952 by the Lion Oil Company, which later became Monsanto. The main house was demolished in the early 1960s. Some of the smaller houses from the plantation were moved from the site to Sugarhouse Road and remain in place today. Top photo shows the front elevation with the bottom photo showing the back of the plantation house. (Photo courtesy of JoAnn and Kearney Mongrue)