List of Parish Ferry Landings

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St. Charles Herald October 13, 1883

There were seven German Coast ferry landings in 1883 as this list in the October 13 St. Charles Herald indicates. Similar notices appeared frequently in The Herald. The Mississippi River remained a major corridor for travelers during the 18th Century. During the 19th Century, the dirt roadways were still, at times, impassable due to rainstorms and crevasses, and the river remained a primary “highway.”

  • First: From estate of C. Bourgeois to Widow Trepagnier’s Place.
  • Second: Start Store to Mary Duncan’s Store.
  • Third: Hahnville to Leon Sarpy’s Plantation.
  • Fourth: Fashion Store to Deynoodt Plantation.
  • Fifth: J.B. Gassen’s Store to Rost’s Lower Plantation.
  • Sixth: Peter Harper’s Place to Grim’s School House.
  • Seventh: Brousgnet & Apleunute Plantation to H. Frellsen’s Plantation.