Mother’s Day Parade

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Sponsored by the Hahnville chapters of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows and its women’s auxiliary, the Household of Ruth, the Mother’s Day Parade in Hahnville still takes place in the 21st Century. Odd Fellows Lodge 2842 was founded in 1887 and its parade was organized soon after. Shown are photos from the 1946 parade. (Photos courtesy of Carolyn Smith Boyd)

This text is copyright © material by Marilyn Richoux, Joan Becnel and Suzanne Friloux, from St. Charles Parish, Louisiana: A Pictorial History, 2010.

Mother’s Day Parade
Mother’s Day Parade in Hahnville.
Mother’s Day Parade
Mother’s Day Parade in Hahnville.

History of the Odd Fellows and the House of Ruth

Mother’s Day Parade

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Mother’s Day Parade Interviews

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St. Charles Parish Odd Fellows and Household of Ruth

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