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The history of Louisiana newspapers dates back to the establishment of Le Moniteur de la Louisiana on March 3, 1794. This newspaper lasted at least until 1814. The local press over the years has provided an up-close and unique look at the news of the area. In the 21st Century, many other sources of information are available, but the local newspaper endures as one of the primary and comforting sources of area news. The following is a list of newspapers published in and primarily for the St. Charles Parish citizens:


L’Avant Coureur

January 29, 1853–77
Weekly on Sunday
Editors: Prudent D’Artlys (1853–57); Ernest Le Gendre and Eugene Dumez (1857?–May 15, 1858); Eugene Dumez (May 22, 1858–73?)

A spinoff newspaper of LeMeschacebe was published in Lucy, which was at that time the parish seat of St. John the Baptist Parish. Publication apparently was not permitted between mid-1862 and January 1866.

St. Charles Republican Pioneer

Editor: Senator Mortimer H. Smith

St. Charles Herald

February 15, 1873–May 27, 1993
Editors: Marsellus Vallas (1873–79), T.H. Ryan (1879–81), H. T. Henry (1881–82), Bennett Hinton (1882), Beatrice Hinton (1883), Joseph N. Carew (1883–90), O. B. Baque-publisher, J. C. Triche & Company–editor and business manager (1890–1903), J. B. Martin (1903–13), J. Clem Triche, Jr. (1913–17), W. A. Brady (1917–19), J. C. Triche, Jr. (1919–29), Triche children including L. Taft Triche, Polymenia Troxler, Mrs. O. Triche Troxler (1929–August 19, 1954), Henry E. Yoes, Jr. (August 19, 1954–?), Patrick Yoes

St. Charles Mirror

February 20, 1876–77
Editor: Horace Vallas

Paradis Sentinel

(1906, two issues)

Paradis Times-Hustler

August 15, 1912– June 7, 1914
Editor: J. Lahroy Slusher

Paradis Enterprise

January 6, 1914–21
Weekly on Saturday
Editor: Dr. Luther A. Youngs

Norco News

Good Hope News

September 2, 1929–October 11, 1930
Publisher and business manager: R. L. Crager; Editor: T. B. Mayer
Correspondents: Good Hope—Inez Bourg, Marie Guillot; Destrehan—Pauline Warfield, Ethel Picou, Edna Seale Delaune, Lucy Weaver, Elta Haydel Miller; Norco—Estelle Menuet, Mrs. R. L. Gray, Marguerite L. Cooper, Ruth Schexnailder; St. Rose—W. G. Knobloch; Hahnville—Ella Baudoin, Helen Martin; Luling—Jean DeBoker, Mary E. Lussen; Kenner—Loretta Louviere, Marguerite Dutreix; Modoc—Ethel Rome; New Sarpy—Mrs. Herbert Lauderbaugh; Des Allemands—Alverta Dufrene.

St. Charles News

January 7, 1938–February 9, 1940
Weekly on Friday
Publisher: Lamar Jones; Editor: Rodney P. Woods, Jr.

(Merged with St. James Voice in Convent and St. John Herald in LaPlace to form River Parishes Journal on February 9, 1940)

River Parishes Journal

February 16, 1940–67
Editors: Rodney P. Woods, Jr. and later Joseph P. Lucia, Sr.
(Formed from merger of St. Charles News, St. James Voice, and St. John Herald. Later merged with the News-Examiner in Lutcher.)

Voice of St. Charles

March 19, 1964–November 12, 1964 (?)
Published by “The State-Wide Service Inc.” Reputedly financed by Edward Dufresne, Jr., Melvin Barre, George Delaune, Eric Fleming

West St. Charles Guide

August 27, 1969–June 30, 1976
Weekly on West Bank
Publisher: Allen Lottinger, Jr.
Began as free circulation weekly

River Parishes Guide

July 7, 1976
Weekly (Paid circulation became semiweekly on September 4, 1983)
Publisher: Allen Lottinger, Jr.
Merged with St. Charles Herald on June 3, 1993

The Guidepost

November 1970–June 1972
Free-circulation weekly on East Bank
Editor: Evon Stevens

The River Road Press

October 20, 1973–74
Editor: Henry Wolfe, Jr.
First black-centered newspaper in parish

The Gazette

December 2, 1985–February 1986
Free-circulation weekly on East Bank
Publisher: Henry E. Yoes, Jr.

St. Charles Herald-Guide

June 3, 1993–present
Semi-weekly to 2005 and returned to weekly
(Formed from merger of St. Charles Herald and River Parishes Guide)


River Parishes Focus

June 1978–October 1979
Editor: Henry E. Yoes III;
Associate Editor: Edith Vicknair

River Region Pride

February 1997–February/March 1998
Editor: Scott Madere

Louisiana Sportsman

(five other sport magazines)
Editors: Tony and Ann Lottinger Taylor