The Breadbasket Continues…

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When morning arrives in St. Charles Parish in southeast Louisiana and as the sun rises, our quiet community begins doing the work that serves our entire nation—

The grain that is loaded today in St. Charles Parish will soon make its way to the breakfast tables of families all along the east coast—60 percent of America’s grain moves through our port

Before midwest farmers can irrigate and harvest their crops, the tractors will be filled with the fuel that was produced right here in St. Charles Parish. We produce 3 percent of America’s daily crude oil—500,000 barrels per day—

When doctors and nurses reach for vital surgical supplies, we know that the largest port in the country, located in St. Charles Parish, helped put those supplies in the proper hands. We have the largest tonnage port in the Western Hemisphere—50,000 barge movements logged annually—

For generations, we have proudly nurtured our fading wetlands to share fish, shrimp, crab, alligator, and crayfish with the finest restaurants in the world—

It is a lifestyle and a livelihood that serves our entire country and extends around the world.

So, the breadbasket continues…

We are the providers of food, fuel, and energy that keeps America growing.
When we are productive, America is productive!

Three hundred years later, the German Coast continues to be a breadbasket for America!

(Permission for use of concluding content received from Melanie Worrall and Renee A. Simpson, St. Charles Parish Government.)