Elkinsville Historical Marker Text

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After the Civil War in 1873, Palmer Elkins, a free man of color, purchased property, tracts 8, 9, & 10 for $943.50. Mr. Elkins was the President of the St. Mary Benevolent Association and helped to educate freed men of color. In 1880, he asked several freed men of color to rear their families and receive training for a living in Elkinsville, also known as Freetown.

The first nineteen landowners were:

Palmer Ellcins
Abraham Jackson
George Cacher
Jobn Marby
Smith McCutcheons
Frank Peters
James and Ellen Price
Robert Williams
Betsy Cacher
Thornton Alexander
August Freigil
Mary Louis
Stephen Henderson
Nancy Leonce
John Leonce
Antoine Jones
Jacob Banks
Hockley Watts
Williams Robertson

Elkinsville Historical Marker - Image